The Art of the Table


Each day, in theory, starts and ends around a ritual: the meal. There are plenty of times when it is simply not possible to enjoy the pleasures of the table. Work calls, pets need attention or we are simply just too hungry to do more than eat from a cereal box. Even if you are just eating a simple meal alone, the pleasure of using attractive plates, a nice crystal tumbler and a well designed fork is something to be enjoyed. Utility and durability are always to be considered, but you should obtain pleasure just from looking at what you plan to put your meal on. For the next few days I will focus on l’art du table , the art of the table. Stay tuned for some old favorites and new discoveries.

Match Pewter handcrafter pewter and porcelain tablewear
Match Pewter handcrafter pewter and porcelain table wear

My mother discovered this line and it has since become an obsession. The thick plates and bowls are sturdy enough for everyday use, while the combination of creamy porcelain and heavy pewter makes them feel like a special treat. They are so versatile they combine well with anything from Alessi modern flatwear to very traditional Waterford cut crystal tumblers.


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