Wallpaper is your friend!


Wallpaper can be a bit scary. Not as easy to apply (or remove) as paint, wallpaper implies more of a commitment to what you put on your walls but the results can be breathtaking. With the endless varities of papers on the market, there is sure to be a match for every taste and design sensibility. Osborne & Little has a huge array of styles and colors, from the softly elegant to eye-popping hues and touchable flocked velvet, this company was the reason I was lured back into the world of wallpapers.

The brilliant thing about these papers is their versatility… not just for papering walls, these patterns are so fun I’ve found myself using them for other creative projects such as papering the interiors of cabinet doors, framing the flocked silhouettes and even wrapping (and gluing) the paper to cardboard photo boxes for a bit of decorative oomph. Apartment Therapy NY even showcased a faux headboard cut from O&L HotHouse wallpaper (see posting here).





3182932526_9460fdef415The even have some very delectable fabrics such as the green Dryden Velvet on the couch above. 

(Images courtesy of Osborne & Little)


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