Fabrice Diomard, French Designer and Shop Owner


Right after the new year, Habitually Chic featured Fabrice Diomard’s Paris shop L’Autre Maison. Since I love both the style of his shop and all things Parisian, I thought I would check it out… I was not disappointed! This was such a fantastic find. The visual images are inspiring and the items created in his store are divine (and yes, that divinity is reflected in the price tag). 


Fabrice features contemporary art, crystal, resin accessories, plexiglass furniture, antiques and even antique reproductions. He divides his shop into two distinct spaces…  on one side he features his accessories and painted furniture all varying shades, textures and styles in white.  I usually like a pops of color with crisp white accents but after seeing the layered, inviting interior, I have been converted to a fan of a white room.  Since taking my job at the French interiors firm, I’ve become quite the fan of transitional style. I never imagined an all white room and a Marie Antoinette chair would ever make me drool, but I have indeed found myself pulled to “the dark side”. 🙂

The second “face” of  his shop appeals to my modern side. Clean lines and edgy details dominate the space where he creates made-to-order black, white and clear pieces mostly out of plexiglass. The goal: attract the eye and draw in the customer with the absence of color. Well done Fabrice.. you are sure to be on my must visit list next time I am in Paris.  

Take a peek at this video (in French) for great view of Fabrice’s shop (here). 

More photos courtesy of Antikaparis.com and Habitually Chic. 




2 Responses to “Fabrice Diomard, French Designer and Shop Owner”

  1. 1 Josiane Graden

    Je souhaite connaître l’adresse de contact de Fabrice Diomard car je suis très intéressée par la table noir/blanc qui a été présentée dans l’émission Côté Maison.
    Merci de m’indiquer ses coordonnées.

    • 2 Erin

      Bonjour! J’ai le numéro de tél de son boutique mais pas un addresse (+33 01 45 67 68 07)… Vous voulez qui je lui contact demain pour son adresse?

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