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Last night Atelier Lapchi’s Chicago showroom presented their new spring collection of hand tufted rugs.  Most are a silk/wool blend although the composition can be customized depending on your budget and the application. The tones were more muted than past collections but the patterns were outstanding and of course everything can be customized… My four […]

Interesting article in the NY Times… GREATHOMES AND DESTINATIONS In France, a Labyrinth of a House By ROBERT P. WALZER Published: February 18, 2009 The 12th-century home of Susan Herrmann Loomis, a chef and a writer, has clay roof tiles, wooden beams throughout and a property dividing wall made partly from old tombstones. When Susan […]

Shades of Light


Finding the right table lamp is hard. The perfect mix of height, design, quality and shade quality is a tricky combination indeed! As I’ve been searching I’ve stumbled upon the following lamps from Their site had been recommended to me for a more transitional style of trable lamp. They have some nice options. We’ll […]

A while back Hearts on Fire introduced a series of jewelry pieces based on famous architectural sites around the world. Stunning, cool and completely over-the-top I immediately fell head over heels in love.. LONDON – Inspired by the British Museum Great Court and paying homage to the unique dome at the center of the room […]

Well, just until Sunday. This week has been non-stop chaos and my posts have been left in the dust! Come Sunday, I will be free as a bird and back to my almost daily postings. I have been stockpiling a huge list of things that I would like to feature… Here is a highlight to […]