– A Must for Stylish Living

04Feb09 is an unbelievably huge resource for stylish things…. everything from fashion to housewears can be found on this site. You can sign up to create your own hive and gain a following. Tag anything you find beautiful and interesting and see what others in the hive are tagging. Some of the greatest hives are run by stylish individuals. (There are also “communities” where larger stores or companies will run their hive and tag their products). Have fun digging and be prepared to be sucked in…

Here are a few of my all-time favorites and some of today’s featured items that I love!

I am a DIE HARD Christian Louboutin fan. I never believed the expensive shoe hype until I tried a pair and have been utterly converted. I remember seeing a magazine editorial when I was younger and was utterly seduced by the perfect red sole.. 

louboutinpinkEvery woman at some point should own a pair of completely frivilous, totally fun shoes. 


The perfect pair of booties. They fit snugly against the foot and give a sexy line to the leg. Yum. 

christian-louboutin-anemone_d1c80dd1I may have an obsession today with frilly shoes adorned with organza and bows… They make me laugh but I would still love to work it in these shoes. 


Dior coral ring


Jasper Conran


Tony Ward Couture




Modern take on the canopied bed


So lovely and modern… 


Tree bed


Hidden drawers in the bottom two stairs are a perfect spot for some extra storage! 


A bath in this stone tub would be divine… but would the water cool quickly?

mrandmrsjoneslemlimeMr. and Mrs. Jones lemon and lime juicers… I LOVE these! 



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