Vinyl Wall Stickers (again) and other objects of desire…


I keep finding myself drawn to some of these vinyl wall stickers yet not being able to commit to putting them in a project or my own home. I love the idea of this chair… very delicate and feminine, but I wish there was no bird. I still think it would make a cute addition to a small space in need of a little something. I picture it in the corner of a room where you might not be able to fit a chair but would really like to.


The Eiffel Tower sitcker… so, it may be the most cliched image of Paris, I would still love to use it somewhere in my house.

I can still vividly remember being measured as a child and insisting pencil marks be put on my closet wall to track my progress. This is a cute and stylish alternative to tracking a child’s growth (suitable for up to age 12).

These delicious, puffy throw cushions are small enough to be used in many versatile ways around the house, but are large enough to double as throw floor cushions.

coussins1(“Coussins” are throw cushions in French)

This charming wolf mask doing double duty as a decorative door accessory may never find its way into one of my professional projects, but I would love to add this comical wolf to my door.


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