ICE Rugs – The Netherlands


Recently, I met with Marc Janssen, the CEO of ICE Rugs Netherlands, for an update on the rug collections offered. This meeting reminded me of why I want to get an ICE rug on one of my projects. Not only do they have a nice collection and a fabulous array of qualities, they also offer an interactive website where you can customize design, color or even scale of a pattern. Once you are happy with your options you can place your rug in various room settings to get a feel for how the rug will look once installed. The process is simple and easy but be forewarned, the customizing can be a bit addictive. The first time I logged in I created 15 different options and suddenly 3 hours had flown by… whoops.

They are also fantastic with more difficult jobs. Want to create a completely custom rug based on artwork, photo or even a sketch? No problem. Looking for hand tufted corridor carpet to replace the usual axminster? They can do it. They are really a great resource! (Want more info? Send me a message or leave a comment… )

Some photos from their stock (yet customizable) line:


iceallsilkkashan74496Ice can also source one of a kind antique rugs or create reproductions such as this all silk example (above).







Ice at Maison & Objet in 2008 and 2009:






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