Happy Easter!


For the third year in a row I have attempted to make a 3-dimensional Bunny Cake… and for the third year the perfect bunny has eluded me…. I am going to ignore this as I celebrate Easter today. But simply for entertainment value I will share with you the bunny ritual. 

The elements of what has become a yearly disaster:

– 3D Bunny Cake form from Williamsm Sonoma

– Pound cake mix (after 2 attempts with the WS reciepe I decided to try a box version… bad idea. This mix didn’t make enough batter, thus the hard, shrunken bunnies you will see below. The glossy finish was quite nice, though.)

– One empty garbage can to welcome the charred remains. 

The bunny pan makes two bunny halves and two egg halves. Once cooked to perfection you are supposed to be able to trim the cakes and put them together, resulting in a fluffly, delectable, 3D bunny and egg. Let me tell you, it has not ONCE worked out that way.

Year one: bunny cake remaines resoloutely stuck in bunny pan despite a very thorough greasing and dusting. Attempts to extract cake result in a huge pile of bunny cake clumps. This disaster was not documented. 

Year two: the cake batter expanded and produced two very fluffy bunny halves. This seemed to be a good sign. But, as I soon discovered, my attempts to trim the overflow and create two flat planes to frost together started making a crumbly mess. To head off disaster, I decided to put together the two halves with toothpicks and lots of frosting. Not only did it look like the bunny had been split and seamed back together, the frosting made the bunny head so heavy it eventually fell off… The result: a chocolate frosted, headless bunny lying in a bed of green frosted “grass”. Tasted good, but the presentation garnered much “hmm… what is that??”

Year three: shriveled bunny disaster. I did learn a lesson. Pound cake is named such because you use a pound of eggs and a pound of butter (even when you are making a pound cake mix). Mmm, can’t you just taste the healthiness? 😉

Here is what the bunny should look like…





And there there are my attempts:

Headless bunny…


Then the shrivedled, shrunken bunnies of this year… note the missing tale, one ear, etc. 



So, back to the drawing boards. Next year I swear I will make a perfect bunny! Watch out Martha!


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