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So, as the week ended… so did my job! Ahhh the joy of the layoff. So, I have now joined the legion of people in the hospitality industry suddenly set adrift. This of course will turn out to be a fabulous turn of events… I just like a little more preparation when taking a big […]

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of woodgrain wallcoverings. For some reason, the images from Stark Wallcoverings made me take a second look at this handpainted paper. (Maybe it was also the cute mix of colors.) Also, like anything with such a specific look, I think I like it best not covering an entire wall. […]

Jacques Grange


At my day job, every so often I give a presentation on a topic, person, design aesthetic, object, etc. that interestes me. Normally, I try to choose a topic either related to interior design, France or a current project. This time, I simply chose a personal interest.   For tomorrow’s presentation I’ll be talking about […]

Another new book I’ve added to our inspiration library/reference book selection is the newAt Home with Wedgwood: the Art of the Table by Tricia Foley. A few months ago we tested out china pattern desing for one of our hospitality projects. Although it took an enormous amount of work just to get our ideas together, […]

In an attempt to get a few items off of my to-do list, this morning I set out to find some patterns for items I’ve been requested to knit as gifts. The web and books are chock-full of patterns but finding something contemporary and cool, especially for men, is not always an easy task.  So, […]