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My lovely little side project is on hold until early next week… so unfortunately no photos yet of the painting progress. I am going to take this time to further refine the palette and work on selecting some accessories!  I’ll scan the final selections this evening once my client have given the ok!  On another […]

So, in my time off I have picked up a small residential project. This is really just a “refresh”… new paint, curtains and accessories to start then bit by bit hopefully some new furniture pieces.  Just yesterday the bedroom was started. The paint is up, trim needs to be completed then it will be on […]

A well designed car is always a pleasure… but so is a green planet. For me, look, performance (and a manual transmission) have always gotten in the way of getting a “green” labeled car.  Now, even if you are not ready to jump into the Prius, car manufacturers are offering an array of options that […]

Sorry again, this has been a quite week. As I mentioned in my last post, last Friday I was laid-off from my fabulous (yet not completely fulfilling) job due to a large portion of our projects being put on hold. So, the past few days have been spent trying to get my ducks in a […]