Cash for Clunkers Program


A well designed car is always a pleasure… but so is a green planet. For me, look, performance (and a manual transmission) have always gotten in the way of getting a “green” labeled car. 

Now, even if you are not ready to jump into the Prius, car manufacturers are offering an array of options that have better gas mileage, run cleaner and get you into the clean environment game. 

A new tax bill has been passed offering an incentive to trade in your clunky not-so-fuel-efficent car for a newer, cleaner model. Depending on the MPG and year of your current car, you can receive a credit up to $4500 when you make a trade. For example, my 2003 VW GTI with 6 environment polluting cylinders would qualify me for an $1800 discount on a newer, higher MPG model…. 

Check out the full details at:


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