A pause in the painting…


My lovely little side project is on hold until early next week… so unfortunately no photos yet of the painting progress. I am going to take this time to further refine the palette and work on selecting some accessories! 

I’ll scan the final selections this evening once my client have given the ok! 

On another note, another project I have been tackling has been lacework knitting. I did a small piece a few weeks ago and got such a great response I embarked on a larger scale shawl/wrap for a client. Found a pattern she liked, selected an awesome variegated purple Malabrigo yarn and got cracking. This was the longest damn knitting project I’ve ever embarked on. Thank god this thing is done!! 

The pattern is not complex, it just requires some fairly careful counting. In the end the “shawl” it can really only be used as a scarf. I’m going to set aside some time this weekend to create a new pattern that will be much shorter… this will create a small shawl that will only wrap around the shoulders and close with a few little buttons. 

I’m not quite done finishing the edges and blocking the scarf… so these photos are not quite perfect (yes, it will get bigger! good god… )

The inspiration image (in a slightly different yarn):


The result: 




(inspiration image courtesy of Knitty.com)


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