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Prairie Avenue books, a Chicago gem legendary for offering a huge selection of architectural and interior design related tomes (actually the largest architectural bookstore in the world) will be shuttering its doors mid next week. The selection runs from the small but interesting gift book to a 3 foot tall book of engineering drawings of […]

If you are from Chicago chances are you know of Erin Gallagher’s line of jewelry. Their first retail outlet in the West Loop has been a success depite nightmarish parking, streets congested with meat trucks and quite a bit of grime. Come the end of September EG will be moving to a new location on […]

It comes as no surprise to me that the New York Times “most emailed” list currently features an article on “Plan B” starting your own business after losing your job. Even in a down economy, the numbers of persons registering a business has been on a steady tick up. Sites such as, allow people […]

Magisso, a Finnish company priding itself on developing new and innovative products that work (!!) has debuted a really fantastic cake server. Now, normally I wouldn’t promote the purchase of a kitchen accessory that in all likelyhood will be used once, thrown into a drawer and become another relic of kitcken clutter. But… seeing this […]

Pierre Frey Paris, one of my favorite sources for fabrics, also offers custom carpets and rugs. Choose your inspiration and they will work with you to create something special. I just stumbled upon an image of a custom rug they recently completed… Yum!  Interested in creating something for yourself or a client? Visit their website […]