Some sewing projects…


For client, friends and customers who travel alot I have in the past made sets of travel bags. Usually in all cotton, I started with a shoe bag size (keeps one pair of shoes in the bag and away from your clean clothes). These then morphed into lingere bags and a larger size laundry bag (yet small enough to keep in your luggage). They can be lined or unlined, simple or intricate. I’ve also done very simple, lightweight cotton project bags for knitting, crafts, etc. 

Or course, when schedules got crazy my bags were the first thing to be cut from my to-do list…  Now that I have more free time I’ve been picking back up where I left off…

Two samples from this weeks fabric selections: 

The first is a gunmetal grey silk lined in black polkadot cotton with a purple ribbon closure. This is large enough to hold a good amount of lingere, socks, etc. 





The silvery bag is made of a very light and semi-sheer cotton with a light metallic sheen on the outside. The fabric is embroidered with cotton thread. (no lining)



So, as with everything we offer custom colors, materials and sizes available to suit different needs. Want one? Check out Etsy or send me an email!


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