A book recommendation: Why We Buy


I recently started the book Why We Buy: the Science of Shopping  by Paco Underhill. Usually I’m not a huge fan of business books or even self development books but Mr. Underhill makes the subject of shopping and consumption accessible and interesting. 

Applicable to many industries, Why We Buy addresses the ways we are influenced in shopping and how tiny changes from the store window to verbage you use on your website can make or break your sales. I’m currently working on some merchandising for an athletic apparel store, so it is interesting to think of the science behind where you place items or even what people look at when standing in line at the bank. The principles are also applicable to small Etsy shops looking to increase traffic or the mom and pop shop on the corner hoping to attract more customers. 

Its a quick, interesting read… check it out in our Amazon store (click the books image in the right hand column). 



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