More readily available faves…


I am well aware of the fact that everyone and their mother probably receives the CB2 and West Elm catalogs… but I also think that sometimes you mindlessly flip through a catalog and see things without always seeing them. So, I’m pointing out some of my faves from this week’s catalogs. Great finds for when you need a piece for your space that is well-priced, readily available and not of disposable quality. 

My CB2 faves today:





Bamboo bath towels! If you have ever searched for bamboo bath towels you will know they are 1) hard to find and 2) usually quite expensive. These towels from CB2 are a great discovery. A 65% bamboo/35% cotton blend, the cost stays low without sacrificing the antibacterial properties of the bamboo and even helping the environment a tad (bamboo is better less taxing on the environment and grown without pesticides). 

Another favorite is the Anchor sectional: 


Three modular pieces turn into one great sectional… perfect for smaller apartments or when you want to divide a room into more distinct parts but don’t want to commit to a piece of furniture that may not work in your next space. Functional and very nice looking. 

AvecsofapeekabootablesThe Avec Sofa… nice lines, button tufting with a contemporary feel, bank account friendly sticker price. All based on a Parisian flea market find. What’s not to love? In front of the sofa are the Peekaboo tables.. great way to add tables without giving the impression of taking up much space. 

An oldie but goody is the Lubi Daybed. All put together it resembles a couch. Need a larger space for two guests to sleep? Lubi folds out into a full size daybed matress. 


For those not afraid of a little splash of color, the Zest C side table should add some pop to your space… 


Some cute, informal tableware…



Let’s not forget some great furniture pieces at West Elm: (yes! Ed Westwick outfitted his apartment with West Elm goodies… )


The West Elm upholstered slipper chair. Clean and low-profile… a nice contemporary take on the slipper chair at a price that won’t make you cringe. 


The Gates Chair. Great for reading without the overstuffed, grandparents house feel of other wing chairs. 


Parallel Nesting Tables. Go for subtle in deep chocolate or add a little punch with the deep orange. 



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