Another day, another find on eBay


I’ve been on a hunt for an array of a certain antique book. The iconic red Plan de Paris par Arrondissement, cool in it’s modern version, is even cooler when it’s old and worn. I’m working on a display for a friend and of course, when I want them I can’t find them! Normally, I can find at least 5 on eBay dating back to the early 1900s.

In my fruitless searching, I instead stumbled upon listing after listing of antique maps. I tend to go for the worn and gritty with some character, rather than the pristine versions. I came away with quite a find! The map below, although in pretty fragile (and folded/torn) condition dates back to 1890. Once framed, it will be really great on a wall. What did it cost? A whopping $11. Now my only concern is how to transport it to the framers!

I’m also a huge fan of bracelets. Sometimes you need something casual and out of the ordinary. Jac Vanek bracelets have been my go to. During the week you can usually catch me sporting a Carpe Diem and I Love Redheads. Adds a little giggle to my day. They have lots of options available… From Namaste to Gleek. Check them out here:


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