Photos from the Antiques Fair


The Fall version of the International Antiques Fair has come and gone. I’ve only ever been to the show in the Spring, and the difference between the two is striking. The fall show is much smaller… still great quality but I breezed through the floor in about 2 hours. The Spring show I had to be dragged out after an entire day. There were still a few stellar booths. Vintage movie posters from the 50s and 60s drew a big crowd as well as the map sellers featuring original maps, art plates, legal documents and other handmade goodies dating back to 1500. You can guess the prices of some of those documents!

Here are some of my favorites.. enjoy.

Although my pictures in NO WAY do the jewels justice, the J.S. Fearnley booth was my favorite.. hands down. The pieces ranged from all time periods and from all corners of the globe. The had the most stunning sapphire and diamond ring — almost colorless, pristine Edwardian setting that would have put any contemporary jewelers work to shame. Cobochon sapphire sits inbetween two diamonds of about 1.25 carats each. I would have made a deal with the devel for this one.. 

 Some of their other amazing items: 

 A Belle Epoque convertible pendant/pin. 

Come to mamma…


Then we had my favorite chairs of the whole show: 

A very rare color for this set of Eames chairs. 

An amazing original movie poster.

Amazing finds at the map and document booths: 

And then a few of my favorites: silver, damask and trunks! 

And a few original doll heads for good measure… 

Interested in getting the contact info for the vendors? Send me an email and I can pass it along. Enjoy! 


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