Paris Fashion Week, Chanel & Ines de la Fressange


In case you haven’t heard, Chanel made many headlines this week when Ines de la Fressange, 53, walked the Chanel show. The former French supermodel’s return to the runway (after one appearance in 2009) was greeted with a level of excitement one would associate with rock stars and teenage girls. Take one glance at de la Fressange  and you know the French are doing something right! She is absoloutely glowing and it’s not just from the glare of the lights.

de la Fressange and Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld signed de la Fressange in the early 80s as one of the first models to have an exclusive contract for the House of Chanel. She broke the contract in the 90s when they had a falling out over her posing for La Marianne, the patriotic bust displayed throughout France. Really, how was she supposed to turn down posing for one of the most patriotic female symbols for the Republic of France?

Chanel can sometimes be a bit stuffy for my taste. The high drama evening wear always catches my eye, especially when there are any undertones of the gothic. Chanel is never short on drama.

A healthy does of whimsy is always appreciated, especially when that manifests as Chanel hot shorts. Think of all the heads you could turn..

The setting: a recreation of one of the gardens of Versailles in the middle of the Grand Palais. The runway was so huge and winding it took models 5 minutes to make their way across the entire thing.

Images: Daily Mail UK


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