Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton


Sofia Coppola’s collection for Louis Vuitton is a perfect blend of elegant and understated. The photographs are almost as well done as the line and convey Sofia’s desire to make the pieces timeless and enduring. Just take a deep breath before you look at the prices. Afterall, in the world of Vuitton, quality snakeskin, suede and leather does come at a premium.

This is my absoloute favorite clutch. I even love the monogram version, which is a pattern I’m normally not so interested in.

I love her love for Leica cameras!

I also love that Vuitton has expanded their Damier pattern to include Graphite. You’ll find it on the men’s side of their website but I’m hoping they’ll expand the offerings to include some of their classic handbags and totes.

LV is also set to launch two iPad cases in early 2011, one in the Damier Graphite.


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