More favorite finds.. for the home!


Some of my favorite finds of the day. Maybe they’ll inspire you to pick something a little different next time you buy something for your home.

Anthropologie has great offerings for your table. Things for all tastes and styles, from modern to cottage.

I love these Ladies in Waiting plates… why not add some humour to your meals?

Horta wine and champagne glasses. Delicate yet not wimpy. These ladies hold alot of wine. Beware. Made in Estonia, the etchings on these wine glasses will have you drooling.

Bronze Age Flatware. Lately I’m drawn to things that are a bit unusual. I don’t think I’ve ever been served with bronze flatware. It would be a way to mix up your next dinner party.

The Illusorio Cabinet – the perfect place for your miscellany. Crafts. Jewelry. Trinkets. Love letters. Undies. I’d love to see it in a modern space.

From the 2010 collection by Pierre Frey:

Palazzo Mine de Plomb (available in Chicago through Holly Hunt)

Tournelle embroidered fabric available in 4 coulourways. The way light flows through them when used as drapery is nothing short of amazing.

And of course, you can’t have your home looking better than you do. Something fab to wear when you’re lounging around in your amazing space. Yep, you’re Queen on the Manse.. or at least Queen of the Studio.

Imogen for

Photos courtesy of anthropologie, PierreFrey and ShopBop.


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