The 40 Day Yoga Challenge


I’ve embarked on a 40 day challenge. The goal? Do 6 day rotations of yoga with one day of rest for 40 days. I’m not a yogi by nature, I like to run and jump and move, so yoga itself is a bit of a challenge. Add in the fact that I’m committing to doing this for 40 days… should be interesting.

These types of yoga “challenges” are becoming popular very popular in Chicago. Many people have tried the 30 day bikram challenge (yoga in a 105 degree room with 90% humidity) and studios continue to come out with specials offering you an unlimited first month. Whether the room is 105 or just 85, when doing such a challenge, it’s all about surviving the mental hurdles. Forcing yourself to get on the mat and dedicate 60-90 minutes per day to do this is hard. Showing up is 90% of the battle.

Many people do these types of challenges to jump start something. A new fitness routine. Getting past writers block. Changing their metabolism or simply to see if they can stand the mental pressure of 40 days of yoga. For me, this challenge is more about seeing if I can gain a new perspective on yoga by once a day having a world view that is twisted, sideways and filled with sweat. If I get a new lease on life or make amazing breakthroughs with interior inspirations that would be pretty great as well. At the bare minimum, I’ll have arms that will make you whimper in jealously.

For me, I’m doing a mixed challenge based on a book by Baron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste flow yoga. Knowing myself, my work schedule and other things I have going on (figure skating training, a side business and a very demanding cat) I realize that I’ll have to be flexible to get this done. For me that will mean a mix of classes in a studio and a video at home. My goal is to have a majority of yoga be at a studio — it’s harder, longer and I’m forced to really do it all. No pausing in the middle to check my email, answer my phone or have a cat roll around on my mat.

So, I’m armed with two tools: the Happy Hips DVD by lululemon athletica and Eion Finn and the book 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste. Have you done something like this? Comment below or email me your tips for success! I’m on day 7 and it’s starting to get hard…. help me out!


One Response to “The 40 Day Yoga Challenge”

  1. 1 GEC Online Community

    Hey Erin,

    I would say that writing your goals down is your first step to success, so you’re well on your way! Let those closest to you in on what you’re trying to accomplish so they can help you. Good luck during the rest of your challenge and enjoy the amazing feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished!


    lululemon athletica
    GEC Online Community

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