Putain des Palaces… perfumes by Etat libre d’orange


I have an affinity for unique, interesting (and sometimes edgy) companies… especially when it comes to scents. Etat libre d’Orange never fails to draw me in. A small perfume boutique in the Marais, this company specializes in hitting the more risque side of perfume. Not for the prudish or faint of heart, In previous posts I’ve talked about their comic names, risque labels and broad array of scents. Ranging from heavy and sensual in the extreme to very light and floral, they specialize in creating perfumes that showcase contradictions, landing somewhere “between romanticism, sensuality and pornography.” A brilliant meditation on life in general, perfume in particular.

I came to know of the company through one of their classic perfumes, Putain des Palaces — Hotel Slut. Enchanted by the name and the excessively dramatic description, I had to have samples and they were not yet available anywhere outside of Paris. So, I sent my unsuspecting cousin, at the time living in Paris, on the mission to obtain for me an array of their perfumes. Either bewildered or enchanted by the small redheaded American cousin who stumbled into their shop, she returned from Paris with the king’s ransom… a whole sac of samples. Ecstacy and excess… It was quite a present! Although not all to my liking, I was in love with the company. Comic, kitchy and yet still something a bit new, they revel in their position as something a little bit dirty in the perfume industry. Not your old-standby Chanel, they are pushing the envelope again with ever evolving offerings. I’m wishing my computer had some sort of scratch and sniff function so I could check them out instead of waiting for samples to arrive at my door. I suppose it’s a small consolation that their perfumes are now available at Henri Bendel.

Intrigued? Visit their site. Have a giggle. Still intrigued? Watch the video they recently published on their blog. It has to be one of the best mission statement videos I’ve seen. Watch (here).

Etat Libre d’Orange
L’Espace de libertinage olfactif
69, rue des Archives
75003 Paris

Let’s not forget to mention their comic labels..


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