Revamping a tiny entry way… a work in progress.


The project? Revamping a tiny entryway and making it not only more appealing but also maximizing the space! It’s a work in progress, so as the space progresses I’ll share the photos.

The first step was removing a giant ottoman being store against the wall. Rather than being an out-of-the way place to store it, or a great addition to a seating area, it quickly became a catch all that was not only messy, but an eyesore!

Comfortable, yes. An elegant addition to an entry? Not a chance. Add that to my project list: reupholster and use somewhere else!

Second step? Changing out the lurid pink to something more neutral. We’ll be playing off of the cool grey with brighter accents (actually framed Osborne & Little wallpaper!) and a chartreuse rug! In the meantime, there are still lots of painting touchups to complete. Painting walls in such an old building is always a challenge since you never know how much prep work was done for the previous paint job. The safest bet… assume none was done and tack on an additional 2 hours minimum. Good lesson for me as 10 minutes into the paint job I ran into quite a few speedbumps… peeling paint, chipping mouldings and layer upon layer of old color. Yikes.

Out with the pink.

In with the grey.

Now I just have to fix the lighting and get rid of that awful flourescent bulb! Although I normally love entry spaces that use a punch of colour, in this space the pink made a reddish glare that carried over into the next room. Rather than looking fun and inviting, it looked like a poorly thoughtout color selection that didn’t work with the rest of the apartment. Once completed, this should create a much better flow.


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