Barneby Gates wallpapers – they’re delish!


At some point in September of 2009 I discovered the wallpapers by Barneby Gates. I made a mental note to save the website address, write a post and file the info away as “to use” on a project. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to come back to their fabulous papers!

Based in London, Barneby Gates takes traditional English themes, adds a little metallic sheen, a hefty does of irony and out comes a collection of unique, irreverent papers. The collection is small, but if you’re looking for something unique yet not flashy, Barneby Gates could be a great resource. Subtle enough to make you look twice, the patterns draw you in with the finer details. One of my favorites, and the paper that got me introduced to the company, is Deer Damask. (I know, big surprise that it’s the damask that I’m drawn to.)

Deer Damask – available in 2 coulourways


Promenade is also another amusing paper.

The company’s hommage to Toile de Jouy, elegant women and men, flappers, models and teddies dance across the repeat. It’s charming and different… the paper looks like it’s pulsing with hidden excitement, brooding men and women and repressed bad behavior. Ah, the English.

The company prides itself of using well managed paper sources and extremely high-quality printing techniques. Surface, flexographic and gravure printing help give the different styles of papers their unique looks. Details pop off the paper in a way you don’t often see.

Curious about what the processes entail? Barneby Gates give a brief overview on their site:

  • Gravure printing: copper rollers engraved with very fine details… printers use a separate roller for each color and the result is photo quality images. Stunning. No flat, uninspiring images with this process.
  • Surface printing: a mechanized form of block printing which uses thick inks. The end result is a thick, hand-painted feel… what you may expect of really high-quality, handcrafted papers.
  • Flexographic printing: similar to the mechanized process of surface printing but uses less ink resulting in a fine, more smooth paper. This does not look as heavy and unique as surface printed papers but gives beautiful detail with smooth, clean backgrounds.

Check them out at!


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