Today it’s all about the tabletop – fine china!


I’m in a fine china mood today. Since Monday marks the start of a new week (and a new direction in life for me), eating off of the best and most beautiful china seems like a fitting way to celebrate. I’m a firm believer in putting your china to good use. Of course, the everyday wear and tear can be rough on cups and plates rimmed in precious metals.. in fact I’m looking at my gold rimmed coffee cup that has just started looking worse for the wear. Yet, using your fine china, nice glasses and cut crystal regularly adds some formality to evereyday life. Why not make every meal or drink or snack a celebration? Cover your table with a charcoal linen tablecloth made from de la Cuona fabric and the vision is complete.

Here are some of my favorites for today. If you have a favorite line or holiday tabletop suggestions, share via email or comment below!

Raynaud “Attraction”

Alternating thin and wide stripes in varying shades of red, pink, orange and mauve. I’d love this mixed with a more sedate pattern to add some pop to a tabletop.

Marchesa for Lenox “Paisley Bloom”

Simple and pretty. The options are endless with this pattern. Keep the setting demure with a platinum charger or add a punch by using the sky blue or chocolate option instead. This could easily transition between formal and everyday.

Another beauty from Marchesa for Lenox “Palatial Garden”

Marchesa for Lenox “French Lace”


Mottahedeh “Tobacco Leaf”

A pattern developed in 1780, this was one of the most prized export patterns from China. Colourful and exuberant, no table dressed with this china could be boring. This pattern is now an authorized reproduction from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Share links to your favorites or recommendations on your best sources. (All patterns above are available through Bloomingdales.) Happy Monday!


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