de Le Cuona textiles… more than just your basic linens.


It’s no secret that I love fabric. How could you not when there are constant discoveries to be made or old favorites to come back to? de Le Cuona is no exception! Well known for their sumptuous linens and paisleys, my first impressions of this line were simple fabrics, muted colours and a really elegant hand. Little did I know there was much colour and depth to be discovered.

Founded in Bernie de la Cuona’s kitchen in 1992, she has turned a small start-up into the world’s largest linen brand and even won this year’s Veranda: Art of Design Award. (I’ll be featuring two of the winners here, Bernie and Alessio Boschi, a jewelry designer for Autore).

de Le Cuona plays heavily on textures and contrasts. Some of their new offerings, highlighted on their site and in the Veranda editorial, are etherial yet still really usable in a room.  Spun Cloth (at center) features multi-coloured silk and linen threads woven together to create a light and airy look. Paired with Truffle (at bottom of the photo) a textured upholstery weight velvet that is a soft and light to the touch as the image suggests!

Contrasting colours also bring out the best and most beautiful aspects of each fabric. A more casual paisley pops against a bright linen lining. Their heavy velvets also look amazing when you contrast a dark shimmery velvet with a bright linen on the other side. The elegant and the everyday all in one drapery.

And of course I can’t leave out of one of my favorites: Baroque. A thick linen gauffraged with antique French brass plates… a process you’d typically see on a velvet. Gauffrage is a heat and pressure process. Intricate brass plates are pressed or rolled over the fabric, resulting in a beautifully embossed pattern that still allows the natural, rougher weave of the linen to show through in the ground of the patter. I LOVE this!

Want to check out the rest of the collection? de Le Cuona is available in Chicago at the Summer Hill Showroom (to the trade) or in New York at the D&D Building.


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