I love Longines! Another watch find on 1stdibs.com


I have always had a love affair with watches. Since I was little, I’ve always felt a watch adds a certain essential elegance to a person’s dress.

When I was 9, I had my grandmother take me to Tiffany & Co. Indulgent and foreign, I could rely on her to go along with all of my hair-brained schemes. I dragged her up to the watch room and very politely asked to try on 2 different watches. $8 000 and $14 000 respectively – I not only wanted to try them on, I wanted info. Cost, style numbers, features. In my young mind one day I would buy one so it was only reasonable to do my research at that moment.

Many years later I’m still drawn to watches. By total chance, today I happened upon two Longines watches on 1stdibs and immediately fell in love.

1950s two register chronograph in stainless steel. Simple, well worn yet in impeccable condition.

Curious about the history? Founded in 1832, Longines quickly became known in the world of timepieces for high quality, elegance and extreme precision. The company developed several different devices for the timing of sporting events. Early on, a few key developments solidified their position in the world of elite sporting events. Longines developed:

“the ‘broken wire’ automatic timing system used at the Swiss Federal Gymnastics meeting in 1912, the Photogines, the first mechanism to link timing with a photo finish, in 1952, and the Contifort in 1960, which was the first system to combine timing with a moving image. These inventions enabled Longines to provide the timing for a large number of world-class events and secured its place in the annals of sport.”

Another amazing find. A very rare, 1940s “Lindbergh” Aviator watch.

Some of the best features: a revolving bezel, oversized crown and hinged backcase.

No heirloom watch would be complete without an inscription! This one reads:


Hope you enjoyed a little detour today. Watches are fun and 1stdibs in an unbelievable resource. Find a watch, do a little digging and see what history you can learn. Fun way to spend a few minutes on this frigid Friday!


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