What did you check off your to-do list this weekend?


Or what book did you finally pull off the bookshelf? Weekends (and short holiday weeks) are always a good time to catch up reading or complete projects that have languished on the back-burner all week long. I set about to tackling a to-do list that would make lesser men crumble.

First project: redoing an old corkboard. Usually, I don’t like the look of bare cork, in the light of most rather dark apartments it ends up looking cheap and dingy, so this particular board has been sitting in a closet for years. Since I hadn’t used it in so long I decided there would be no harm in experimenting with painting the cork. If I hated it, no love lost. I started with cream and end up using a medium grey. You could also add some detail by dipping a large scale rubber stamp in a contrasting colour paint or doing a little damask stencil. For now I’ve kept mine plain. It could still use another coat to even out coverage. (When painting a corkboard, plan on doing 3 coats or using a semi-rough paint roller to get solid coverage. Even with premium paint, the cork absorbs a percentage making it necessary to go  back for another coat or two.)

Got prints hung in the entryway I am working on… If only refinishing a console table was as quick and hammering in some nails.

Clarendon flocked wallpaper by Osborne & Little — 18th century cameos with a modern twist. At the center, a numbered piece from the Jen Beckman Project (this piece was created with random newspaper articles – words, sentences, sections were all blacked out to create a completely new story or poem.)

As for my bookshelf, I’m using the shortened Thanksgiving week to finally finish this goody:

The Widow Cliquot – The Store of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled it. A fantastic story of the woman who broke all convention and doggedly pursued a dream not matter what the cost or hardship. Be prepared to want to drink while reading… the descriptions of the grapes alone will have you eyeing a bottle or two.

What did you accomplish this weekend and what are you planning for the week? Share in a comment or email!


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