Legs to lust after – touristy tights by Gaultier


The Sunday Chicago Tribune featured a gift giving guide and a few of the items featured fall into the category of “not yet available but perfect to give as an I.O.U”.

One of my favorites on the page? Eiffel Tower stockings by Jean Paul Gaultier.


They won’t be available until January (through Neiman Marcus). They are definately not your typical backseamed stockings but they do remind me of a very popular postcard of Paris…



2 Responses to “Legs to lust after – touristy tights by Gaultier”

  1. Hi! I most certainly love the Eiffel tower tights, but missed the boat to purchase a pair. (As you can probably deduce from my comment a year later.)

    However, I would love to buy a pair for a friend’s Christmas gift this year, preferably for less than $50. Do you have any suggestions on where I can actually purchase these elusive tights? Everywhere I’ve gone is sold out…

    • 2 Erin

      Now that they’re sold out I’m not sure.. Have you tried ebay or amazon? Sometimes people buy extra then resell them. Good luck!

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