Au revoir 2010, bonjour 2011 !


The ball has dropped and 2011 has arrived!

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!

Bonne année!

Buon anno!

с Новым годом!

Now is the time everyone is creating resoulutions, goal setting and making that list for 2011. Keep in mind that your goals and resolutions should be things that excite you or something you think about every single day. If the goal or activity will give you joy, it will be that much easier to accomplish! If you’re making a list that fills you with dread… it’s probably time to rethink and recraft your resolutions. The basic idea can still be there but get creative with how you are going to accomplish your goals. Sometimes the path to our end point is a little less straight and narrow than we expect!

Need some help? There are many great resources out there… lululemon has a whole section of their website dedicated to the goal setting process. Check it out (here) if you feel you need a little push.

A million best wishes for 2011!


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