Kings, Queens and Courtiers


February is always the most brutal of winter months. Bitter cold, blowing snow… good thing there are many indoor activities to keep us going until Spring. Lots of great events are on the books in the next few weeks from the spring Antiques Show at the Mart, local restaurant openings and parties to new exhibits around town, there are many options to keep you warm and entertained.

Fresh from the Grand Palais in Paris, opening February 27th, the Art Institute of Chicago will feature the exhibit:  Kings, Queens and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France.  The Art Institute will be the ONLY venue for this exhibit in the US, so if you’re near, take advantage and check it out!

Jean Hey. The Annunciation, 1490/95.

Pieces from the 1500s will be on display and the range is immense: rich paintings, stained glass, precious objets and accessories, manuscripts, sculpture and altarpieces… amazing evidence of the spirit of discovery and creativity stemming from this timeperiod. Even if France in the 1500s isn’t really your thing, you’ll be amazed at the works on display.

This will also be an historic moment for you art-o-philes and history buffs. The exhibit catalogue will be the first full treatment of this subject in English: examinations of the pieces on display, essays on the historical context and lots of in-depth info on the whys, hows and wherefores behind the art created during this time.  Check it.

Art Institute of Chicago, February 27 – May 20th, 2011


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