Fleurs d’Excès


Remember our post from a few weeks ago about Victoire de Castellane’s upcoming solo exhibition in Paris (Dior’s Jewelry Designer Gets Her Own Exhibit)? Photos are out and now you can see for yourself what the mistress of haute joallerie has created.

The Gagosian Gallery in Paris was transformed into a sultry Eden. Sparsley decorated and strategically lit, de Castellane’s creations glowed from beneath bells jars.

Nowness.com spoke with de Castellane to peer into the inspirations behind the creations: “In real life I don’t like flowers,” she revealed. “I can’t get attached to something that dies so quickly, so I make flowers that live forever.”

Despite weighty materials of gold, lacquer and precious stones, de Castellane’s pieces remain airy with an etherial look. Just like her renowned pieces for Dior, for de Castellane, God is in the details.

The flora are named according to the artist’s fictional classification system to connote the illicit pleasures of mind-altering substances while hinting at their potential peril. The tongue may trip a bit over Heroina Romanticam Dolorosa and Crystalucinea Metha Agressiva, but the images created are spot on.

Pieces so stunning, Mother Nature would be put to shame.

A well curated table.

Luxury, fantasy, excess and danger. What more could a girl ask for? If she had the goal of seducing her critics, de Castellane has succeeded. It seems she was aptly named… well done, Victoire.


Images courtesy of Nowness.com


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