Never wear second-rate jewels…


My friend found great selection from GIGI on the blog Things I Ate That I Love… It’s the perfect reflection of how both of us are feeling this holiday season. Better to wait for the great, amazing thing to come along rather than wasting time, money and style on the placeholder, be it food, men or jewelry.

“Never wear second-rate jewels; wait til the really good ones come to you.”

“And if they don’t?”

“Well, then it can’t be helped. Rather than a wretched hundred-guinea diamond, wear a half-crown ring. In that case you can say, ‘It’s a memento. I never part with it, day or night.’ Don’t ever wear artistic jewelry, it wrecks a woman’s reputation.”

“What is an artistic jewel?”

“It all depends. A mermaid in gold, with eyes of chrysoprase. An Egyptian scarab. A large engraved amethyst. A not very heavy bracelet said to have been chased by a master-hand. A lyre or star, mounted as a brooch. A studded tortoise. In a word, all of them frightful. Never wear baroque pearls, not even as hat-pins. Beware above all things, of family jewels!”

“But Grandmamma has a beautiful cameo, set as a medallion.”

“There are no beautiful cameos,” said Aunt Alicia with a toss of the head. “There are precious stones and pearls. There are white, yellow, blue, blue-white, or pink diamonds. We won’t speak of black diamonds, they’re not worth mentioning. Then there are rubies—when you can be sure of them; sapphires, when they come from Kashmir, emeralds, provided they have no fatal flaw, or are not too light in color, or have a yellowish tint.”

“Aunt, I am very fond of opals, too.”

“I am very sorry, but you are not to wear them. I won’t allow it.”

A few things I think I’ll hold out for…

Paul Rudd

A bad ass ring

A delicious pair of Loubs


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