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After essay writer Charles Warnke wrote a piece entitles “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl,” Rosemary Urquico wrote the rebuttal “Date a Girl Who Reads.” One is a tongue in cheek call to not settle, the other is a flat out demand to live a life of passion. Two very different approaches, same goal. May […]

I’ve never been one to shy away from an awesome polka dot. So it comes as no surprise that I lust over these gilt armchairs with the big, bossy polka dots. A great apartment styling by Studio Marcus Hay. A great photo of his apartment entryway.. He has mastered the art of groupings on walls. […]

Hope each and every one of you enjoyed a day of family, friends and turkey! A few tablescapes to remind you of how nice your house looked before the dinner… Sleep well… the holiday season has officially begun!  

Sometimes shoes don’t fit. You try them out, wear them a little and they give you blisters or don’t work with anything you own. After one wear they get tossed to the back of the closet. Other times, there are shoes you love, that fit well, and maybe even sparkle when you wear them – […]

Only a day and a half left to see the photography expo at the Grand Palais in Paris. Over 1000 artists are featured so you’re sure to find a section that interests you! 28€ entry fee, 14€ for students and open until 8pm tonight and tomorrow! Grand Palais and Avenue Winston Churchill 75008 Paris