We’ll always have Paris… (or how glitter loafers make your toes bleed)


Sometimes shoes don’t fit. You try them out, wear them a little and they give you blisters or don’t work with anything you own. After one wear they get tossed to the back of the closet. Other times, there are shoes you love, that fit well, and maybe even sparkle when you wear them – they can sometimes pinch you heels or make your toes bleed if on too long, but all in all you keep coming back to them. The rub goes away, the bleeding stops and you want the sparkle again. Paris is like that for me. The pair of shoes I want to wear all the time. Reality makes me take breaks and put on different, more everyday shoes, but it’s the pair I just cant get rid of..

The city is one of my favorite places. So I left feeling so, so pleased I was able to spend some time there.  Despite the bloody toes, frozen fingers and a tearful last walk through the city (maybe caused by a bit too much wine) I captured a few of my favorite random moments just for you. Sorry, no major sites to see or a recap of the fabulous things I ate and drank. Just snippets of the moments in between. Enjoy!

Palais Royal
I’ve never seen this garden in the winter. It’s quiet, idyllic and the great place for a breather in the center of the city. Being there at dusk is awesome.

The holiday windows!
The grands magasins Printemps and Galleries Lafayette are in the holiday spirit with decadent window displays. Something I never make time to see at home.  A fairy tale is not a fairy tale unless there is Prince Charmant, a Dior couture gown and a unicorn hanging about.

The Louis Vuitton penguins. Winter chic.

I got a tour of the Pierre Frey textiles archives.
This was so awesome, it will get its very own post.. Stay tuned. I think after the 100th squeal of delight the archivist was ready to toss me out.
Tamping down on my enthusiasm = fail.

Musee des Arts Decoratifs: Van Cleef & Arpels – L’art de la Haute Joaillerie
If you’re a fan of jewelry or history this is a great expo to see. Catherine Cariou, director of the heritage collection, spoke on the impressive archives of the company and how VCA preciously guards this bit of their history. Check out the jewels on display.. they are mind blowing. The room has been made moody and dark, all the better to highlight lots and lots of very brilliant diamonds.

Kiliwatch – Les Halles
64 rue Tiquetonne
Purported to be one of the largest vintage stores in Paris, the selection is enormous. Skip the millions of scarves instead focus on the jean. Millions and millions of jeans. What I was not expecting? So many fur coats, vests and capes! I know where I will go before a trip to Russia…

24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8e
17 Rue de Sèvres in the 6e

I had a great meeting at Hermès on Rue du Faubourg.. it’s a big store but cozy and inviting. Check out the carriages suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the stairwell. I wanted to stay for days!  After my meeting, they insisted I go visit the boutique in Saint-Germain to have tea. (It called for a dress and I froze my ass off.. brr.) The boutique in the 6e is now their largest one in the world. A great interior, airy & contemporary, it was not at all what I expected. Be sure to check out the floor (it was the building of a former swimming pool… you will see some wild details), stop and smell the floral arrangements and plants for sale at the entry and have tea on the main level.

If you ride horses, aspire to own an Hermès saddle one day.. they’re worth every single penny.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like only in Paris would you have an editorial on the nature of being the lover or the beloved. If you read French, check it out (here) in the Nouvel Economiste.

Pin-up Graffiti

Trophee Eric Bompard
Part of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating series there were many great and memorable moments in this competition. However, nothing compares to the screaming hysteria of the ladies in the audience when Fabian Bourzat stepped onto the ice in red vinyl pants… It was like a screening of Magic Mike, on skates, in France. Hysterical.

Paris, tu me manques déjà.


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