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As usually happens with the best things, I discovered this Hermes scarf by chance. Passementerie by Francoise Heron! Since you all know I love a tassle or two, I had to share this silk square of perfection. It may be a little granny but I love it all the same. In the event you need […]

h prints


I was on the hunt for a specific image and as a byproduct of my random and varied searching, i stumbled upon h prints – chock full of fabulous fashion and lingere prints, ads, drawings and photos. The few favorites belows doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Enjoy browsing for all the people on your […]

There are so many blogs, magazines, sites and pinboards out in the universe that occasionally I forget about one and it takes a while to circle back. The DesignFiles Blog is just such a site.. I can’t believe I haven’t looked at it in so long! Although it was a completely different feature that drew […]

In the event you needed an introduction to one of my favorite books.. here it is. Lessons on life. Great graphics. Available in many languages. Put it on your desk and see where it takes you: Its not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. Paul Arden Vous pouvez être ce que […]