32+ things to learn before turning 32


You win some, you lose some. You learn a lot in between or if you don’t, you’ve probably repeated the lesson a few times over (hangover, anyone?). In no particular order, I give you my list:

  1. Some things suck your energy and some things increase it. Seek to do more of that which expands you rather than that which depletes you…. and I don’t mean cut out the CrossFit. Find your JOY and live it.

  2. Be grateful for your ability to forgive.

  3. You’ve heard it a million times over: timing is everything. Jobs, apartments, romance or the next train home… stars cross or align for a reason. Just go with it.

  4. Watch out for the quiet ones. They are trouble in tidy little packages.

  5. Save the bees. Be nice to bunnies.

  6. Vision boards create empires, win gold medals and generally create awesome, inspired lives. If you can’t “see” it, how can you BE it?

  7. At some point in your life you might go to mist your face with water and it will turn out to be hairspray. That’s a mistake you won’t make again.

  8. When in doubt, Bridget Jones and a bottle of wine usually cures what ails you.

  9. Contrary to popular belief, do not fall in love with your best friend. If it blows up, peters out or someone gets cold feet you’ll miss the friendship more than anything else.

  10. Pixie cuts are not for everyone. Do you have the bone structure of Kate Moss? If not, pass.

  11. At some point in your life – maybe it’s after college while job hunting or maybe you’re simply dreaming of a way to escape your dreaded desk job – you might think it would be exciting to get a short-term job at a boobie bar…. STOP that thought right there. Despite the crazy cash that might be involved, your parents didn’t pay for college and a stint in grad school with the hopes that one day you would stuff your bra top and serve wings.

  12. When in doubt go with the bigger diamond.

  13. If it’s not an immediate yes, it’s most likely a no.

  14. Always take the path that requires more courage. You can change your mind later but you might not have that luscious, glowing opportunity again.

  15. If it’s ever a choice between getting to work early or staying in bed with the dreamy Frenchman, choose the Frenchman. In fact, a general rule of thumb for life: always choose the Frenchman.

  16. Always have a safety pin in your purse. You never know what you might need it for. (picking a lock, holding your boss’ pants together when they’ve split at a black tie event, making sure your chicken cutlets stay in your dress… the possibilities are endless.)

  17. Knowing how to properly tie ties and scarves is an art. Learn it. Then head to Hermes.

  18. If you’re going to walk away with purpose, make sure your heels look good from the back.

  19. Speak up, speak out, speak often. It will either get you promoted or fired. If it gets you fired, it probably wasn’t the right fit anyway.

  20. On a related note, if you must burn a bridge best to do it in grand style — 4 alarm blaze, middle fingers in the air, desk sweeping huzzah!  If not, play nice and keep those good connections.

  21. Paris is always a good idea.

  22. If a blind date ends with the gentleman in question telling you he likes to be bitten (and where), keep your teeth to yourself and be on your merry way, quickly.

  23. If your boyfriend shows up to lunch with a wedding ring on, it should be “GAME OVER” not “GAME ON.” This is not a situation that is likely to end well for anyone.

  24. You will do something silly, awkward or just ridiculous. Probably more than once. Perhaps it’s singing Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Toucha, Toucha” for your Jesuit high school’s talent show audition. Chances are your act won’t be included in the show but don’t let moments like this dampen your enthusiasm. The fact that you had such balls should be fair warning to the world of the exciting things to come…

  25. Some things are doomed to fail from the outset. NBD, some of the best lessons come from sheer stupidity.

  26. Do good regularly, every month, without fail. Whether it’s volunteering your time, donating to your favorite charity or just being kind to someone you see in line, take that small step and do good. It will come back to you in spades.

  27. If your best friend tells you to NOT do something because she thinks you will get burned, she is probably right. She is smarter, cuter, and has better layers in her hair… but you’ll probably do it anyways as stubborn, bullheaded women are wont to do. So just remember, tuck your tail between your legs when you crawl to her for forgiveness. She will probably have some burn cream.

  28. Your 20s are the time when you are the skinniest, hottest and most fit you will probably ever be. Basically, you should just walk around in a bikini all the time. Appreciate it, love it, live it.

  29. Integrate yoga into your life. Maybe it’s once a month, once a week or every single day.. whatever frequency you choose it’s a necessary thing to do. Your back will thank you and it will give you a little bit of extra space in your mind to be a happier, kinder person.

  30. For the love of god, PLEASE stop buying so much beige! Neutral palettes are pretty… in moderation. Inject some color into your life.

  31. It’s never too late to change paths or explore things you may have previously passed up. Forks in the road happen for a reason.. choose wisely.

  32. Invest in the fabulous pieces you’ve been eying for years. H&M has its place but that Chanel bag will last forever.

  33. Thank you notes are a lost art. Write them.

  34. Everyday strive to be a little kinder, a little happier and a little more generous than the day before.


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