About Erin and Bourdon Design

Welcome to Bourdon Design. (Bourdon is French for bumblebee, a childhood nickname of mine). This blog is a melting pot of ideas, inspirations and products. From things that will change a space to jewelry, art or exhibitions that I just can’t stop thinking about, hopefully you’ll find something here to enjoy. Need help redesigning your space? We can help! From a simple change of color to an entire interior re-vamp, we can make it happen or give you the tools and ideas to start work on your own projects. We love all things related to design and style and have a weakness for anything and everything French… so if you start to sense a theme at least you know why! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Erin


4 Responses to “About Erin and Bourdon Design”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog – it is inspiring! Thanks!

    • 3 Erin

      Thank you! ! I loved yours as well.. we could all benefit from taking a thoughtful look at how and what we eat!

  3. Just want to touch base with you, (I love your site.) and offer you to visit my store
    to see some verry uniq fabrics that are exlusivly sold by us.

    May be we can cooperate.

    Thank you and have a Wonderfull day.

    Gabby Greenfield
    Top Design Draperies
    303 W. Erie
    Chicago IL 60654

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