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Hello December!


Now that December has arrived the holidays are upon us in full force! If you are like me, today was a wake-up call that I need to get ready and organized. Holiday cards, gifts and decorating. Usually I have a great plan but leave the hardest tasks or most complicated gift projects until the 11th […]

It wasn’t until working with a design firm with a particularly French aesthetic that I began to appreciate trims. From the simple and modern to the super extraveagent or traditional, a little bit of trim can utterly transform a project. A plain pillow can suddenly have some extra punch. The top or sides of your […]

Sofia Coppola’s collection for Louis Vuitton is a perfect blend of elegant and understated. The photographs are almost as well done as the line and convey Sofia’s desire to make the pieces timeless and enduring. Just take a deep breath before you look at the prices. Afterall, in the world of Vuitton, quality snakeskin, suede […]

For those of you who were curious about what could be found at the Jayson Home & Garden Fall Flea market.. I have plenty of pictures for you! Just like men, it seems the best furniture comes from the European continent. The selection this year is no exception. Heavy on items from France and Belgium […]

I have a small obsession with vintage leather train cases, steamer trunks and the really old Louis Vuitton jewelry armoires. I can never decide if it’s the smell of the leather, the sharp lines and smooth handles or just the images these trunks conjure up that make them so appealing to me. Every once in […]