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So, in my time off I have picked up a small residential project. This is really just a “refresh”… new paint, curtains and accessories to start then bit by bit hopefully some new furniture pieces.  Just yesterday the bedroom was started. The paint is up, trim needs to be completed then it will be on […]

Shades of Light


Finding the right table lamp is hard. The perfect mix of height, design, quality and shade quality is a tricky combination indeed! As I’ve been searching I’ve stumbled upon the following lamps from Their site had been recommended to me for a more transitional style of trable lamp. They have some nice options. We’ll […]



Headboards, headboards, headboards. Headboards can be the essential piece to pull together an entire bedroom. In hospitality, the headboard tends to be even more important because it adds necessary splash to an often small space. I have been working on options for headboards for both guestrooms and a tiny residential project. Both will be fabric […]