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Fall is the time most fabric lines come out with their new collections. There are so many delectable new fabrics that I can barely choose what I love the most, much less what I would want to feature. So, as a starting point: a totally random mix from Lelievre Paris. Most of these come in […]

Annie Selke Co.


My friend over at Nest by Tamara had the pleasure of going on a intimate trip to Annie Selke’s home a studio for an exclusive tour. If you’re not familiar with the name, Annie Selke is the owner of three great design companies: Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert Rug Company and Annie Selke Home. […]

You’ve seen it everywhere, from pillows to purses. Like most textiles, the history of Ikat fabric stems from a very particular art of dyeing and weaving. Ikat loom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Ikat textiles are made  by a complex artistic technique. Developed in Western Asia during the 1st millennium A.D. To create a true Ikat (rather than a […]

When I studied textiles, I started by learning about toile. So, we’ll kick off our month with a brief history of Toile de Jouy. At the bottom of the page is a fun little video that gives a brief history (sorry, it’s in French) and shows some interesting examples of how toile has been modernized […]

The beginning of the year is always a great time for textiles. Fabric houses usually release their new collections and no matter the terrible weather outside, the world is once again flush with beauty, colour and lots of lovely textures. As we spend the month exploring fabrics, from the traditional to the contemporary, I thought […]