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You’ve seen it everywhere, from pillows to purses. Like most textiles, the history of Ikat fabric stems from a very particular art of dyeing and weaving. Ikat loom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Ikat textiles are made  by a complex artistic technique. Developed in Western Asia during the 1st millennium A.D. To create a true Ikat (rather than a […]

When I studied textiles, I started by learning about toile. So, we’ll kick off our month with a brief history of Toile de Jouy. At the bottom of the page is a fun little video that gives a brief history (sorry, it’s in French) and shows some interesting examples of how toile has been modernized […]

Intrigued by French style? Then you’ve undoubtably heard of the various Louis styles but can you distinguish one from the other? That’s what our “Louis series” is here for! These styles, although traditional, are popping up in many contemporary installations and as they mix well, so even if you’d never dreamed of putting a Louis […]