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h prints


I was on the hunt for a specific image and as a byproduct of my random and varied searching, i stumbled upon h prints – chock full of fabulous fashion and lingere prints, ads, drawings and photos. The few favorites belows doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Enjoy browsing for all the people on your […]

This great photo, from the Apartment Therapy blog, is a fabulous example of a well thought out use of a very limited bit of kitchen wall space.. Check out their article on what NOT to do when trying to de-clutter your home (here). Hopefully this will kickstart your motivation to tackle some spring cleaning and […]

I’m in a fine china mood today. Since Monday marks the start of a new week (and a new direction in life for me), eating off of the best and most beautiful china seems like a fitting way to celebrate. I’m a firm believer in putting your china to good use. Of course, the everyday […]