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For some reason, I’ve always dreamed of Newport, RI as a place where magic happens. Mansions on the water. Tea parties on the lawn. Sounds decadent and relaxing… pretty much what typical day-to-day life is not. So in my fantasy time, I always seem to drift to Newport. In honour of this, I am sharing […]

DWR is offering a free shipping deal on their prefab housing… not bad when you consider shipping tacks on an additional $1500-6000 to the total cost! The Kithaus comes in 2 sizes. The K3 is 9’x13′ and the larger K4 is 11’x17′ with the option of adding on a full kitchen and bathroom. These are […]

At some point in my life I developed an obsession for rooms with slanted ceilings and attic apartments. I must romanticize them but whatever the case may be, I got a little prickle of excitement when Apartment Therapy posted this great photos of attic apartments. Storage space and placing furniture would be an issue but […]

Interesting article in the NY Times… GREATHOMES AND DESTINATIONS In France, a Labyrinth of a House By ROBERT P. WALZER Published: February 18, 2009 The 12th-century home of Susan Herrmann Loomis, a chef and a writer, has clay roof tiles, wooden beams throughout and a property dividing wall made partly from old tombstones. When Susan […]