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Sometimes shoes don’t fit. You try them out, wear them a little and they give you blisters or don’t work with anything you own. After one wear they get tossed to the back of the closet. Other times, there are shoes you love, that fit well, and maybe even sparkle when you wear them – […]

I am! If you’re heading to Europe for the holidays (even if it’s only in your head) be sure to pop into the newly renovated Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris. After 2 years of extensive renovations, the completely transformed palace hotel opened in late October. It has been generating much interest ever since.  (ps.. big […]

IN 2009 and 2010, French photographer Alain Delorme spent time in China for two artist residencies. Enraptured by the visual (and physical!) aspect of local workers transporting gravity defying heaps of product on 2 or 3 wheel bicycles, Delorme set out to document the beauty of what he was seeing. An amazing combination of huge […]

I have a small obsession with vintage leather train cases, steamer trunks and the really old Louis Vuitton jewelry armoires. I can never decide if it’s the smell of the leather, the sharp lines and smooth handles or just the images these trunks conjure up that make them so appealing to me. Every once in […]

For some reason, I’ve always dreamed of Newport, RI as a place where magic happens. Mansions on the water. Tea parties on the lawn. Sounds decadent and relaxing… pretty much what typical day-to-day life is not. So in my fantasy time, I always seem to drift to Newport. In honour of this, I am sharing […]