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h prints


I was on the hunt for a specific image and as a byproduct of my random and varied searching, i stumbled upon h prints – chock full of fabulous fashion and lingere prints, ads, drawings and photos. The few favorites belows doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Enjoy browsing for all the people on your […]

Vintage anything holds a certain appeal for me. Items with a history and a story are always fascinating, especially when you’re talking about clothing or jewelry. Need a new source to fuel your fire? Let me suggest Postscript. The lovingly curated bricks & mortar store is the baby of Julie Skinner, former model with an eye for […]

I happened upon a jewelry and bead store yesterday while leaving a yoga class and heading home. I’d passed the shop at least 30 times before and had never gone in. While the space itself is expansive and well done, the selection leaves a bit to be desired. But, what they lack in stones they […]

For those of you who were curious about what could be found at the Jayson Home & Garden Fall Flea market.. I have plenty of pictures for you! Just like men, it seems the best furniture comes from the European continent. The selection this year is no exception. Heavy on items from France and Belgium […]

I have a small obsession with vintage leather train cases, steamer trunks and the really old Louis Vuitton jewelry armoires. I can never decide if it’s the smell of the leather, the sharp lines and smooth handles or just the images these trunks conjure up that make them so appealing to me. Every once in […]