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Vintage anything holds a certain appeal for me. Items with a history and a story are always fascinating, especially when you’re talking about clothing or jewelry. Need a new source to fuel your fire? Let me suggest Postscript. The lovingly curated bricks & mortar store is the baby of Julie Skinner, former model with an eye for […]

This weekend, featured a great photo article on the new & noteworthy “must-have” books. The selection is varied and even if you just take a few minutes to check them out at your local bookstore, you’re sure to get a new surge of inspiration. A few of my favorites from the list: Beaton: The […]

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the holiday madness and read something interesting! Here are a few selections for the day! There is always lots to discover on, this weekend is no exception: Style Compass with Robert Couturier (here). The October edition of Veranda magazine also had a great feature on him […]

I have always had a love affair with watches. Since I was little, I’ve always felt a watch adds a certain essential elegance to a person’s dress. When I was 9, I had my grandmother take me to Tiffany & Co. Indulgent and foreign, I could rely on her to go along with all of […]


Today in my office I brought up the website and was shocked to learn how few of my co-workers know of the site! So, if you don’t know about, check it out immediately. Antique dealers, stores, etc. work very hard to get listed on as each vendor must come highly recommended, have […]