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Yesterday I attended the media preview and opening hour of the One of a Kind Show. If you are looking for unique holiday gifts, make sure to visit the show before it closes this weekend. As with any craft show the range of what is offered is huge… from the beginner crafter hoping to make […]

The Fall version of the International Antiques Fair has come and gone. I’ve only ever been to the show in the Spring, and the difference between the two is striking. The fall show is much smaller… still great quality but I breezed through the floor in about 2 hours. The Spring show I had to […]

For those of you who were curious about what could be found at the Jayson Home & Garden Fall Flea market.. I have plenty of pictures for you! Just like men, it seems the best furniture comes from the European continent. The selection this year is no exception. Heavy on items from France and Belgium […]


Today in my office I brought up the website and was shocked to learn how few of my co-workers know of the site! So, if you don’t know about, check it out immediately. Antique dealers, stores, etc. work very hard to get listed on as each vendor must come highly recommended, have […]

Bloomingdale’s is a great resource for all types of decorative items. If you need to do some last minute retail shopping for a project, Bloomingdale’s is great as they seem to always be having sales (especially on home items). I also find their china selection to be top-notch (sorry Macy’s you’ve been dethroned). The images […]