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Jayson Home & Garden always has exceptional items, furniture and curiosities for the home but their flea market finds are always amazing. A few of my favorites to ease you into the weekend. An antique Belgian settee from the 19th century – $3495 Vintage Brass Table from the mid 20th century – $595 Why, yes, […]

I like to think of charm bracelets as little histories, worn on a wrist jangling together. I like charm bracelets best when each charm has a special meaning – to celebrate a birthday, a special trip or a grand accomplishment. They are almost like a small, personal roadmap of the bracelet’s owner. Each choice has […]

Family heirlooms have always held a certain fascination for me. I’ve wished and wished that my family would have hung onto more… usually this wish relates to documents and jewelry, but a few bits of furniture, china and silver would have been nice as well. This Christmas, my mom asked her mother not to send […]

I have always had a love affair with watches. Since I was little, I’ve always felt a watch adds a certain essential elegance to a person’s dress. When I was 9, I had my grandmother take me to Tiffany & Co. Indulgent and foreign, I could rely on her to go along with all of […]

Looking for another place to find unique pieces? Check out Griffins and Gargoyle Antiques in Chicago. You could easily pass this building and it’s charming courtyard without really noticing it’s there, but pay attention! A visit in to this shop is worth a trip to Ravenswood. Goodies inside! Will you be more intrigued by their […]